How It Works

The marketplace


We’ve curated your favourite store filled with only the brands you love and the pieces you just have to have for your little ones, saving you money, time and helping you save the world. All in a day’s work.

  • Buy direct from like-minded parents

  • Shop the latest new and loved designer styles

  • Choose from over 2000 pre-selected luxury brands

  • Join the conscious cycle of microfashion



Little Outfitters brings a captive crowd of like-minded style lovers to your front door. Unlike other online marketplaces, we handle all the tricky bits so listing is easy and payments come straight to you.

  • List for free in three easy steps – for an exclusive time

  • Keep over 80% profit for your sales over $25

  • Over 2000 luxury, quality and boutique brands welcome

  • Promotion on our social platforms

Start today

Our valet service

Finding the time to gather all your little one’s outgrown designer gear is one thing. For time-poor parents – also known as all parents - photographing, pricing and listing is a whole nother bedtime story. So we created a handy valet service where we do all the leg-work for you.
You’re welcome.

Four easy steps:


Pull your ruthless pants on and sort through your little one’s wardrobe, selecting any pieces that are ready to pass on. We’re also happy to take larger items off your hands such as prams and cots – have a squiz at our ever growing Accepted Brand Directory to check.


Book a Saturday pick-up that suits you, all we require is a $10 fee. For now, our valet service is Auckland-based only.


Put your designer-clad feet up and wait for the item to be purchased by a savvy shopper. Once it's sold, we'll package it up beautifully and send it out to the new owner, then credit your bank account with 50% of sale price.


Pat yourself on the back for joining the cycle of micro-style.

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The nitty gritty
Little Outfitters will choose at their sole discretion which items they wish to sell on your behalf. All items that do not get listed will be donated to the Auckland branch of Little Sprouts; a wonderful charity gifting baby boxes to families in need. That’s what we like to call a ‘win win’.

Little Outfitters has final say on the decision and no correspondence will be entered into. The clothing cannot be picked up or returned once we have acquired it. You will receive 50% of our recommended sale price for each item sold on the 10th of each month. Please read our Terms and Conditions by clicking here, or get in touch if you have any questions on