Welcome to Little Outfitters

August 7, 2019

An ode to the most important part of our precious eco-system.

You may be wondering why a thirty-year-old with a design studio and no kids started an online platform for children’s fashion. Before you ask, no I don’t have a strange obsession with miniature-sized objects.

The truth is, I care about our planet and fashion is one of the most wasteful, sometimes outright unethical, industries in the world. As one of the biggest polluters after oil, every facet could do with a makeover and I saw an opportunity to think big about micro-style. To create an innovative new platform that hopes to change the shape of fashion consumption globally and lessen our impact on our environment.

Earth and the survival of the human race aside, I also noted a significant number of time-poor, designer-clad, multitasking machines – more commonly known as ‘mums’ - that wanted the best brands for their kids but didn’t necessarily have the resources to buy them.

While the likes of The RealReal and The Outnet cater to the grownup market with recycled designer style and end of season collections, no one was servicing the little ones who get bigger by the day and outgrow their wardrobe every five minutes.

With this in mind, I created Little Outfitters. An online marketplace for those wanting to shop and sell designer brands for their mini-mes. A curated collection of over 2000 luxury, quality and boutique labels. A cycle of microfashion that doesn’t add new materials to the world, just shares better, loved ones.

Over the past year I’ve worked with an amazing team of website builders, brand strategists, and PR gurus to create an easy-to-use platform that solves a pressing issue. All this time I thought I’d be out there doing my bit to save Mother Earth and lend a hand to mums, but what I didn’t count on was this group of wonderful creatures being so damn supportive, inspiring and integral to its success – and my sanity.

Amongst looking after your ankle biters, acing your nine-to-five (or seven-to-ten) and somehow finding time to shower, you set aside a piece of your precious energy to help me bring my vision to life. Little Outfitters wouldn’t be the same without your insight, encouragement and cups of tea.

It is with the upmost pride and gratitude that I announce the launch of Little Outfitters and dedicate it to the most important part of our fragile eco-system. To the mums who make the world go ‘round, I would like to say thank you and welcome to the sustainable cycle of microfashion.

Lucy Kirkwood